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What is SHEfinds.com?

SheFinds.com is a website that helps make it fun and easy for you to shop online. Our editors scour the web for Finds – the best stuff in fashion and beauty – then write about it in easy-to-browse guides, with links directly to stores that carry them. For daily trends, check-out our beauty & fashion blog.

So whether you’re a shopping fanatic or fatality, fashionista or frump, fellow ecommerce enthusiast, or just interested in staying on top of the latest finds, SheFinds.com will instantly bring you up-to-date by getting the nets most promising finds right in front of you. Each week we send out newsletter highlighting some of our favorites.

To check out our finds, visit the Buying Guides page. Last but not least, our Press Page will help you answer any media-related questions.

SheFinds.com is headquartered in New York City.